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May. 15 -
Building Your Small Shop Toolkit
Running a small non-profit organization is no easy endeavor. AFP talks with Amy Wolfe, president and CEO of AgSafe, about how to identify essential aspects of finance, work/life balance, self-care and many others as they pertain to running a small shop. ... more >

May. 15 -
Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness
Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness is a tool for educating board members, donors, volunteers and staff about how to view, understand and think holistically about fundraising costs and investments. Read about the project and sign up for a free webinar on talking about fundraising costs and effectiveness! ... more >

May. 15 -
Ten Ways to Supercharge Your Storytelling
Stories are one of the greater ways to connect donors and causes. AFP chats with Shanon Doolittle, fundraising and storytelling coach at Voice for Good, about the undeniable power of storytelling, along with formulas and techniques that make a story memorable. ... more >

May. 2 -
Beyond “Give and Get:” How Nonprofit Board Performance Affects Fundraising
Amid the rush of activity, some fundraisers may be hard-pressed to recall all of the board's responsibilities. Does that matter? Darryl Mori discusses how fundraisers may be missing opportunities to help their organizations excel. ... more >

May. 2 -
The Value of Grassroots Supporters: It’s in the Secret Sauce
How do you find, assemble, and persuade your grassroots supporters anyway? It’s all about the secret sauce, according to Jeff Tippett. ... more >

AFP Membership - An Investment in Yourself

In these challenging times, remember that you and your organization are not at the mercy of the economy. The decisions you make have more influence on your organization’s fundraising success than anything the economy might do. Now, more than ever, you must invest in yourself!